Renger quick on the Oval

The Venray Raceway continues to exert a pull on the Dutch driver Renger van der Zande. This magnificent motorsport complex was realised by the multitalented entrepreneur Harry Maessen in the north of the Dutch province of Limburg. The banked turns of the Oval are the scene of fierce, Speedway-style battles. Once again, Renger joined the fray during the Benelux Racing League (BRL).

Venray, 28 May 2012

The race was a welcome way of release for Van der Zande. Last weekend, at the eleventh hour, the Dutch driver missed out on taking part in the Porsche Supercup race during the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. Budget problems in the team meant that he had to step back.

When that sort of thing happens, it’s nice to have a BRL car standing ready for you in Venray, which has been prepared at the last minute and guarantees a fun day on the track. For Renger, the BRL yielded a good qualifying spin, two excellent rankings in the heats and a podium place in the final. But above all, it offered a lot of racing fun for the countless motorsports fans who had turned out at the Oval on Whit Monday.

Renger: ‘Well…Having to pull back in Monaco was a bit of a bummer. But on the other hand, it made it even better to get straight back to work here in Limburg, and enjoy myself on this great oval with this bunch of petrolheads. And we really tore up the track too, on the principle that close racing is exciting racing. Door to door and pedal to the metal. And the fact that I ended up on the podium with Danny van Dongen among other people, who is a member of the excellently prepared Collé Team, really put the cherry on the cake for me. It was a fun, sunny day.’

‘At the end of the week, I’m up for the trainings in Le Mans with the Lotus LMP2, where I’ll once again be concentrating on a different racing discipline. The car has been put in the paddock, and I’ll be the reserve driver. The team expects I’ll be starting on the grid the following weekend, during the 24 Hours. The 2012 season has involved a fair amount of improvising so far. But hey: I’m racing, and that’s what counts…’


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