Barcelona race called off for Renger and the Porsches

Renger van der Zande’s second racing weekend in the Porsche Supercup ended in a no-go. After the cars had rolled onto the pre-grid, the stewards discovered that most of the cars’ rims were damaged due to incorrect assembly by the tyre supplier. The organisers didn’t want to run any risks and decided to call off the race. So the weekend ended in an anti-climax for Van der Zande, who was rearing to put in a strong performance at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Barcelona, 13 May 2012

Renger: ‘I’m starting to discover that unlike the formula cars, the DTMs and the Le Mans Prototypes, these Porsches in the Supercup require a specific driving style. Particularly in the corners, you need to steer in a certain way to build up your grip on the track. That’s a trick you need to master by putting in time on the track – which I’ve hardly been able to do yet. In other words, jumping behind the wheel at the last moment in Bahrain and a free practice session here are basically all the track time I’ve had to date. That’s a handicap right now. Seen in that light, placing eleventh in the qualifying – which you need to pull off in two laps – isn’t that bad. An intensive analysis of Saturday’s driving data meant I was quite confident that I could deliver some fireworks in the race. Travelling all the way to Barcelona for Jack kind of sucks though. But then again, dealing with disappointment is part of the game when you aim to drive at this level, so the best thing right now is to cheer up and grab the next opportunity that comes round. Like my Dad always says: ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen….’


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